A unique process for exceptional results



  • Demo / Prep
  • Grading / Lot prep
  • Form Setting
  • Underground Plumbing
  • Foundation prep and pour
  • Foundation inspection


Framing / Cornice

  • Framing / Truss installation
  • Order plumbing, Light fixtures, windows, order exterior doors
  • Cornice
  • House wrap the exterior of home



  • Roofing
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Installation of Windows
  • Frame / Window drainage inspections



  • HVAC, Plumbing rough- in and Inspections
  • Order all tiles
  • Exterior – Start Stucco / Wood / Stone or Tile work per plans



  • Electrical rough in / inspections
  • Low Voltage
  • Sprinkler installations and inspection



  • Insulation
  • Start drywall, prep and float
  • Complete exterior finish



  • Complete interior drywall
  • Start interior millwork / tile installation



  • Install cabinets / stair cases / handrails
  • Install counter after cabinets are completed


Paint / Flooring

  • Complete first coat of paint
  • Start Flooring installation
  • Exterior grading and irrigation installation


Trim Out

  • Trim out all electrical, plumbing and HVAC
  • Exterior landscaping and lighting
  • Complete all city inspections / energy inspections

Project Management

As a builder, there are several duties that we are responsible for and that we take extremely seriously. The first step of creating a plan, is by far one of our most important jobs.  We are also responsible for but not limited to the execution of the following: hiring subcontractors, creating timelines, adjusting timelines,  supervising and holding contractors responsible to their schedules and quality of workmanship, purchasing the highest  of quality materials and scheduling delivery, getting the necessary licenses and permits to complete each project, confirm that we comply to all necessary city regulations and rules governed in each area that we work, creating budgeting and staying within our set budgets, as well as handling any and all emergency issues related to our projects.  We do all this with the utmost quality, care and transparency so that our clients goals are achieved in a timely manner.  We communicate with our clients on a weekly basis and best of all, when we receive a call from you, you are speaking directly with your designated project manager and or the owner of Capital Builders during the construction of your project.

New Technology

At Capital Builders we update our clients on the latest technology for your home.  We will inform you in detail and let you decide what will best suited for your lifestyle.  This is your home and it should make sense to work for you.  From home automation, home theaters, climate control, lighting, and security, we will make sure the home is suited for you.  We also inform our clients and make sure that the technology we install into your home is timeless and up to  date.